John Merrifield has been working in the creative communications business since he was 17, when he was hired as a graphic designer, set designer, and video editing assistant for a film and television production company. The same year, he also found time to launch a small graphic design studio, where he began developing corporate identity materials, websites, and illustrations for various clients.
A year later, he taught himself to color comic books with Adobe Photoshop. He showed a few examples of his work to a local comic book company and was hired immediately. Meanwhile, he still continued to aggressively pursue a career as a graphic designer, illustrator, and digital pre-press specialist. He soon began attending design school and received a degree in graphic design from Brooks College.
He's worked both freelance and staff for various design, printing, advertising, packaging, and publishing companies. He's been a professional commercial artist, production artist, production manager, account manager, graphic designer, digital prepress and printing specialist, website developer, animator, and typeface designer  Through this diversity, he's developed his strongest skill - the ability to adapt to the demands of today's changing mediums and apply them to the job at hand.